Amazon Forest and Savanna Lands

Amazon Forest and Savanna LandsA guide to the climates, vegetation, landscapes, and soils of central tropical South America

Authored by Thomas T. Cochrane, Thomas A. Cochrane

This book provides an overview of the land resources of the Amazon in terms of the complex of climates, landscapes, vegetation and soils found throughout this vast, often misunderstood region. It has been prepared for a broad audience of scientists, agronomists, foresters, farmers, ecologists and also administrators. The study is partly a sequel to the original Land Systems study of the region carried out by the senior author between 1976 and 1980 that was published with the title "Land in Tropical America"; however it includes a wealth of interesting information from subsequent studies conducted by the authors over the past 30 years. Apart from the additional detailed land resource studies of Amazonia summarized in the book, it provides a fresh and novel insight into the ecological complex of forest and savanna lands throughout the region. Further, it includes a gamma of technical information of importance to the study and understanding of tropical lands in general.

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Pages: 190, Full color
Language: English

La Amazonia Tierras de Bosques y SabanasLa Amazonia Tierras de Bosques y Sabanas

Una guia del clima, vegetacion, paisajes y suelos de Sudamerica tropical central (Spanish Edition)

Este libro proporciona una visión general de los recursos de la tierra de la Amazonía en los diferentes climas, paisajes, vegetación y suelos de toda esta amplia, a menudo incomprendida región. Se ha preparado para una amplia audiencia de científicos, ingenieros agrónomos, ingenieros forestales, agricultores, ecólogos y también administradores. 

  • Fecha de publicacion: 04 Nov., 2012
  • ISBN/EAN13:1480207640 / 9781480207646
  • Paginas:196, a colores
  • Lenguaje: Espanol

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AMAZÔNIA Terra de Florestas e Cerrados Amazonia book image

Um guia do clima, vegetação, terrenos e solos do centro tropical da América do Sul. (Portugues Edition)

Este livro fornece uma visão geral dos recursos da Amazônia em termos de variação de climas, terrenos, vegetação e solos encontrados em toda esta vasta, e muitas vezes incompreendida, região. O livro foi preparado para um público amplo de cientistas, agrônomos, engenheiros florestais, agricultores, ecologistas e também administradores.

  • Paperback : 194 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 1540736423
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1540736420
  • Dimensions : 8 x 0.46 x 10 inches
  • Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (January 9, 2018)
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  • Language: : Portuguese

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Data from reference studies (when using these please reference appropriately):

Relevant data files, maps, and documents (zipped) can be downloaded from the following links.

  1. Personal Computer Version with Database of the Study "Land in Tropical America".  Also see items in section below.
  2. The Lands of the Geo-Economic Region of Brasilia:  Personal Computer Version with Database
  3. The Lands of the Northern Amazonian Region of Bolivia:  Personal Computer Version with Database
  4. The Lands of the State of Rondonia, Brazil:  Personal Computer Version with Database
  5. SIGTERON: Sistema de informacao geografica para os terrenos e solos do estado de Rondonia, Brasil
  6. Analisis de Suelos y Plantas Tropicales.  Un Manual de Metodos Modernos.

Personal Computer version of the study: Land in Tropical America

Agteca S.A. with cooperation from Conservation International and the Museo NKM Santa Cruz digitized and improved the original study by T.T. Cochrane.  Here we present a basic description of the data (Manual), the digitized maps and an improved database.  Please acknowledge usage of data and maps and report any errors to "amazon @".  Thanks!

Introductory Manual

Manual in Adobe PDF format that describes the project, the data and maps

Database of soils and terrain

LandSystems.mdb - MS Access database which contains a variety of data for each land system.  This database can be used together with the Land Systems maps to create new thematic maps.

GIS Maps

(a) (b)

  • Land Systems (zipped ArcView files) - see (a)
  • Regional Maps of land systems (zipped ArcView files) that are divided as presented in map (b)
  • Climatic data of the Amazon (zipped ArcView files) - contains various maps of climatic factors.

Scanned maps from the original study

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